Law of Attraction Inspiration #8:The Focus Wheel

A Simple, Easy Way To Change Your Vibration

I have been listening to Ask and it is Given, the book and the processes, when yesterday an artist friend from Boundless Living Challenge shared this video made by Arvind Singh on the process described by Abraham


Take a desire you have for your life, perhaps one that hasn’t come to fruition quickly. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes when you can play with a focus wheel on this subject. Writing focuses your attention, and allows you to be more consistently positive than just thinking about your desires. Have fun with it! Make it as elaborate as you like. As long as the details feel good, you are doing very well!

I took this process and used it on the home we desire as there was just one niggling doubt that I knew I had.

I then drew myself a focus map and tonight when I drove there on my way home. and saw me driving down the driveway, I felt good and experienced a real shift in my  vibration. How exciting?

Focus wheel

If you are a regular visitor here you will know I use and teach a simple clarity through contrast process that works well for me and my clients. What I liked about the focus wheel is the visual aspect.  I can also see it has great potential for shifting your vibration quickly.

So do you have something a desire that you are maybe holding a negative thought/vibration on?

Get out some paper or you can download a copy from Arvind’s site after you have watched the video. The secret is to make it fun, you can use colors , picture whatever makes it fun and makes you feel good. Make sure what you write down does make you feel good, not something you may think you should feel.

It is the feeling good that shifts that your vibration and allows the Law of Attraction to do it’s job!

Share you focus wheel thoughts with us, I look forward to reading your experiences.and maybe looking at them too!

wishing you a high vibe day


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Do You Say Yes To Life?

What Do You Really Really Want?

Do you sometimes find it easier to say what you don’t want , than what you do want?

I know I often catch myself when I find myself saying “I don’t want to………..!” and ask myself want do I want?

The words we use are so important in living in a positive and high vibrational state.

Lorraine Cohen in saying Yes To Life has asked herself this question, What do I really want? and you can hear the power in her voice that making this decision has given her.

I found this video both, inspiring and uplifting. A definite High Vibe attractor.

What are you saying yes to today?

Share your yes’s in the comments

Attract Abundance Instinctively


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Lorraine with Anita Pathik Law is running a fantastic program Align with Destiny. Yesterday I listened to teleclass with Lorraine and Anita titled ” Dramas, Stories and Illusions” a very powerful introduction to both rewriting the story of your life and to their 12 week program Align with Destiny. They have a great offer going until next Tuesday where you can get $148 discount making their 12 week program . You can listen to this call  at Align with Destiny. It was awesome.

Joyful Synchronicity

Yesterday I decided to get back into my daily habit of drawing one of my Angel Cards and “Joy” appeared:


Lucretia Pruitt aka Geek Mommy left a comment at my Beach Notes post on Successful Blog. I had written about the wonderful weekend I spent with my 3 best friends from primary and high schooldays, celebrating a milestone.

I has invited readers to share what was priceless for them.

Lucretia wrote:

I have been so privileged in my life to meet amazing people, to share with and learn from them, to love them and to be loved by them.

My friends, my family, and every day that I awaken is priceless to me.
This life? This life is wonderful.

Someone told me today that she thought I was standing in the way of my own success. I asked her exactly what she wanted of me… and she said ‘to help you succeed.’
I was polite and did not let the laughter bubble out – because I have succeeded in the best way – I’ve found my joy!

Thanks for sharing this.

Can’t you feel the joy coming through this comment?

This sequence of events, my drawing the card joy, and then almost immediately finding Lucretia’s comment was an expression of synchronicity.

I notice with many people and myself included at times to link many negative things in life, is we look at the world negatively it is so easy to build a chain that can bind us and hold us back. Some people do this on Mondays and ruin their week. They set up a dominant, low vibration for the week and wonder why the week doesn’t get better.

I am not saying that things don’t go wrong, at times they do!

But what if we made a habit of joyful synchronicities in our life. then instead of focusing on how negative experiences might be connected, we would focus on how many positive things there are in our life. We would build a dominant, high vibration and begin to notice how the universe, people, events responded positively to our joyful vibration.

This is what we call the Law of Attraction in Action.

Thanks for reading and wishing you a joyfully synchronistic week

Heroes of Healing 3: Michael Losier

The How To Guy of Law of Attraction:

Whether you want to heal your health, your relationships or your finances Michael Losier can help you.

Michael has been working with the Law of Attraction since 1996 and has helped so many people attract more of what they do want in their lives.

I was introduced to Michael Losier’s book: Law of Attraction, The Science of Getting More of What You Do Want and Less of What You Don’t by a friend at a local Reiki group. At the time the book wasn’t available in Australia, so I ordered it when we went to Blog World Expo last November. I explored the book and downloaded free resources from his website

I then discovered that Michael was coming to Australia in 2008. I booked to go to the seminar in Brisbane, went on a free teleclass Michael held on January 1st and was gifted a DVD Michael has recently made: Attract Your Ideal Relationship.

The seminar was fantastic, I came away with tools to move forward with. At that seminar Michael announced that he was doing a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioners Facilitation course in Vancouver in June. At the time, he also mentioned he would be doing the same course in Malaysia in April 2009. Malaysia is much closer than Vancouver, so that sounded great.

I then started listening to Michael on Voice America and heard him talking about the training and decided to put the law of Attraction into Action and go to Vancover. You can read the rest of my story here and see why so many people are training with Michael in this video.


Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't

Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting

More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t

The simple 3 step process to changing your life

Free Ezine Monthly: Contact me to get the latest copy

Listen to Michael weekly on Oprah and Friends

You Tube Videos:

What Suzie Cheel has learnt from Michael Losier:

  • The importance of creating an abundance journal- a record of the abundance that I was experiencing daily in my life. This is called my evidence of proof. learning to see abundance in the small things, the grains of sand, leaves on the trees, free seminars and more
  • A simple 3 step process for creating deliberate attraction in my life.
  • The LOA faciliator training was invaluable and is allowing me to build a wonderful new business that is helping people change their lives and get more of what they do want in their life. I will be running some free teleclasses this month on getting clarity about what you do want in your life. Leave your name in the comments below if you would like to be notified or in the box above.
  • The importance of keeping my vibrational bubble high, remembering that the Law of attraction matches my words and my thoughts.
  • Generosity shown by Michael was exceptional, he is a very special person and a wonderful mentor.

This is part of the Heroes of Healingproject