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A Simple, Easy Way To Change Your Vibration

I have been listening to Ask and it is Given, the book and the processes, when yesterday an artist friend from Boundless Living Challenge shared this video made by Arvind Singh on the process described by Abraham


Take a desire you have for your life, perhaps one that hasn’t come to fruition quickly. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes when you can play with a focus wheel on this subject. Writing focuses your attention, and allows you to be more consistently positive than just thinking about your desires. Have fun with it! Make it as elaborate as you like. As long as the details feel good, you are doing very well!

I took this process and used it on the home we desire as there was just one niggling doubt that I knew I had.

I then drew myself a focus map and tonight when I drove there on my way home. and saw me driving down the driveway, I felt good and experienced a real shift in my  vibration. How exciting?

Focus wheel

If you are a regular visitor here you will know I use and teach a simple clarity through contrast process that works well for me and my clients. What I liked about the focus wheel is the visual aspect.  I can also see it has great potential for shifting your vibration quickly.

So do you have something a desire that you are maybe holding a negative thought/vibration on?

Get out some paper or you can download a copy from Arvind’s site after you have watched the video. The secret is to make it fun, you can use colors , picture whatever makes it fun and makes you feel good. Make sure what you write down does make you feel good, not something you may think you should feel.

It is the feeling good that shifts that your vibration and allows the Law of Attraction to do it’s job!

Share you focus wheel thoughts with us, I look forward to reading your experiences.and maybe looking at them too!

wishing you a high vibe day


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