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Yesterday I decided to get back into my daily habit of drawing one of my Angel Cards and “Joy” appeared:


Lucretia Pruitt aka Geek Mommy left a comment at my Beach Notes post on Successful Blog. I had written about the wonderful weekend I spent with my 3 best friends from primary and high schooldays, celebrating a milestone.

I has invited readers to share what was priceless for them.

Lucretia wrote:

I have been so privileged in my life to meet amazing people, to share with and learn from them, to love them and to be loved by them.

My friends, my family, and every day that I awaken is priceless to me.
This life? This life is wonderful.

Someone told me today that she thought I was standing in the way of my own success. I asked her exactly what she wanted of me… and she said ‘to help you succeed.’
I was polite and did not let the laughter bubble out – because I have succeeded in the best way – I’ve found my joy!

Thanks for sharing this.

Can’t you feel the joy coming through this comment?

This sequence of events, my drawing the card joy, and then almost immediately finding Lucretia’s comment was an expression of synchronicity.

I notice with many people and myself included at times to link many negative things in life, is we look at the world negatively it is so easy to build a chain that can bind us and hold us back. Some people do this on Mondays and ruin their week. They set up a dominant, low vibration for the week and wonder why the week doesn’t get better.

I am not saying that things don’t go wrong, at times they do!

But what if we made a habit of joyful synchronicities in our life. then instead of focusing on how negative experiences might be connected, we would focus on how many positive things there are in our life. We would build a dominant, high vibration and begin to notice how the universe, people, events responded positively to our joyful vibration.

This is what we call the Law of Attraction in Action.

Thanks for reading and wishing you a joyfully synchronistic week