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Make Magic With Marney

Marney Makridakis is my coach and mentor and and my experience of her art assignments has me taking a closer look at this special training program. I have done her first sampler and on Thursday there is another sample class.

In each of the classes I have attended with Marney I have come away with a new tool I can use and often get clarity on a path I might be thinking about. Yes you can create magic with Marney as well as gain new tools that empower you with you own creativity and spirituality as well as giving a potential new arm to add to your business.

 Learn how you can fall into creating art while also manifesting a whole new professional path for yourself through the Fall 2013 ARTbundance Certification Training program . If you are looking for a new professional path where you can use art and creativity to help others, this is the place to go. Plus Marney is very big on “PLAY” as a way of learning. You ge tcomprehensive training and turn-key business building materials for using the ARTbundance™ Principles in a variety of professional venues, including…
• coaching
• leading workshops
• public speaking
• teaching
• writing
• creating online learning environments
• and much more…

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For more info and to request an application for the next ARTbundance™ Certification Training Session just click on the image below

Suzie Show Manifesting Abundance on a Monday
Wishing you clarity and inspiration on your journey to freedom. Keep me posted on your stories of change and your successes. Until then, live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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Super Abundant Bloggers #6

Welcome To Week 6 SABs

Super Abundant Bloggers

Super Abundant Blogger.

The people chosen and their blogs will exemplify abundance, abundant thinking and generosity of spirit: they will also inspire me.

Drum roll for this weeks SABS


enlighten your day

I love and am inspired by the tag line on this blog: Your daily cup of enlightened zen. Jonathon’s blog is inspiring  in content and visually.


motivation mama

I have written about Denise and her fabulous 21 Days of Motivation which was instrumental in getting my blog posting back on track, got the Sab series going and more. Her dedication to blogging is inspiring.

There is a new class starting this week which you can check out here– Denise maybe will even give you her special discount.


Maria Palma

Maria Palma inspires, bloggers, artists and beyond with this blog. I first met Maria at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas in 2007. We found that we had much in common as we were both artists, who had a strong interest in  personal development and the Law of Attraction. Recently Maria interviewed me on Blog Talk Radio.


And here is the official SAB badge for these bloggers to choose to proudly display.


be inspired


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Be Creative and Showcase Your Blog

Today, time for some creativity. I know I have been neglecting my creative spirit on my artisic side, especially the blog.

When I saw Liz Strauss was having a Blog Show this weekend over at Successful blog, I got quite excited.

The Highway does need a polish and trim. I suggested, yesterday you might like to trim the widgets and maybe even get a new theme.

I decided I would get creative and start by giving my sidebars a clean up. Put in some new links, delete ones I wasn’t using. Litle did I know what I was in for!

Before I started on the project I happened to be speaking with my my cousin, Helen Disler, said I had not been posting to my blog. She had not received any updates recently. I asked her how she subscribed? Email, she said.

I checked the Feedburner subscription link on the site and found, to my amazement that the feed was going not to my feedburner account, but to my friend, Lightenings.

Not that I begrudge Lightening some new subscriber‘s but this was very weird.

I have had 2 other people trying to solve the mystery. At first we thought it was a feedburner problem, but testing the code on another site everything worked perfectly. We deleted and reinstalled the feedburner code and had the same problem.

I can only conclude that there was something wrong in the existing theme and set up, I have now deleted the text widget, but is refuses to go.

The only solution now is to change themes. Something I have been meaning to do for months.

Now to execute and attract a clean change over.So this blog gets a new look for The Blog Show. It will be quite different and bolder, Comments and critque are welcome.

Zemanta Pixie

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation
Monday Motivation is a place to:

  • Share what motivates you on a Monday
  • Be inspired by other bloggers’ motivations
  • Celebrate what you have achieved

The underlying approach I am adopting through Monday Motivation is to motivate myself through acknowledging and celebrating my wins, what I have done and and the blessings that have come my way. The image for Monday Motivation reflects one of many things that both motivates me, and that I feel blessed to be able to experience on a regular basis. This image was taken at Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay, near where i live and where I frequently watch the sun rise above the horizon. I love the different colors and patterns that are reflected by the emerging sun and it’s rays. In the next week or two I will be setting up a separate blog to establish a blogroll of Monday Motivational participants and there will be images and logos you can use on your own sites. My picture is for Monday Motivation is for it to be a joyous, freeing and creative space. You might one week share your to do list, another week share what has motivated you and how you celebrated your wins. A space for keeping the vibration high. It doesn’t have to be just words: poems are welcome, a special saying, an image, a video or a podcast. I love thinking and playing outside the box, I hope you will too.
Welcome to Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation