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Monday Motivation
Monday Motivation is a place to:

  • Share what motivates you on a Monday
  • Be inspired by other bloggers’ motivations
  • Celebrate what you have achieved

The underlying approach I am adopting through Monday Motivation is to motivate myself through acknowledging and celebrating my wins, what I have done and and the blessings that have come my way. The image for Monday Motivation reflects one of many things that both motivates me, and that I feel blessed to be able to experience on a regular basis. This image was taken at Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay, near where i live and where I frequently watch the sun rise above the horizon. I love the different colors and patterns that are reflected by the emerging sun and it’s rays. In the next week or two I will be setting up a separate blog to establish a blogroll of Monday Motivational participants and there will be images and logos you can use on your own sites. My picture is for Monday Motivation is for it to be a joyous, freeing and creative space. You might one week share your to do list, another week share what has motivated you and how you celebrated your wins. A space for keeping the vibration high. It doesn’t have to be just words: poems are welcome, a special saying, an image, a video or a podcast. I love thinking and playing outside the box, I hope you will too.
Welcome to Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation