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Today, time for some creativity. I know I have been neglecting my creative spirit on my artisic side, especially the blog.

When I saw Liz Strauss was having a Blog Show this weekend over at Successful blog, I got quite excited.

The Highway does need a polish and trim. I suggested, yesterday you might like to trim the widgets and maybe even get a new theme.

I decided I would get creative and start by giving my sidebars a clean up. Put in some new links, delete ones I wasn’t using. Litle did I know what I was in for!

Before I started on the project I happened to be speaking with my my cousin, Helen Disler, said I had not been posting to my blog. She had not received any updates recently. I asked her how she subscribed? Email, she said.

I checked the Feedburner subscription link on the site and found, to my amazement that the feed was going not to my feedburner account, but to my friend, Lightenings.

Not that I begrudge Lightening some new subscriber‘s but this was very weird.

I have had 2 other people trying to solve the mystery. At first we thought it was a feedburner problem, but testing the code on another site everything worked perfectly. We deleted and reinstalled the feedburner code and had the same problem.

I can only conclude that there was something wrong in the existing theme and set up, I have now deleted the text widget, but is refuses to go.

The only solution now is to change themes. Something I have been meaning to do for months.

Now to execute and attract a clean change over.So this blog gets a new look for The Blog Show. It will be quite different and bolder, Comments and critque are welcome.

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