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International Womens Day is a day for women around the world to celebrate the many aspects that make women wonderful

 Megan Bayliss celebrated IWD at Imaginif inviting fellow women bloggers to send in a photos of ourselves warts and all. Megan then titled it Sexy Genes! Lots of fun.

There is a wonderful collection of poems you can read by women from Bangladesh titled from our view.

I was interested to read the Canadian theme for International Women’s Day / International Women’s Week 2008 was Strong Women, Strong World.  This makes it clear, when we empower women, we secure a brighter future for everyone.

Becoming empowered is important for women and education plays a large part in assisitng women to become empowered.There are a series of videos made by women you can watch here.

Here on the Gold Coast I attended a IWD  event at the Gold Coast Arts Centre with my friend Julie Hart .  This was a organised  by Women at Work International.This was a day of celebration, with music,  workshops, talks and a fashion parade with clothes  for women of all shapes and sizes,

As women we need to remember we  are all powerful .When we remember to acknowledge that power that is within each one of us we can impact, firstly ourselves, then our families and friends, our on line and off line communities and the world. We can make a difference.