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Back On May 5th  I wrote:

I have decided to keep an online journal here as part of the 45 day Boundless Living Challenge and record things I am grateful for as well as developing my gratitude muscle
I will add to it daily and my plan is too add at least five things a day
So check in to see if I am being true to me- one of my biggest challenges is staying on track and developing my motivational muscle

Today is Day 58 of blogging each day.

I have been building the What am I Grateful For Today site I first wrote about back on June 9th. That was the first post in Connie Ragen Green’s 30 day Power Blogging Challenge . I have upped my posting here, but doubt that I will make the 30 posts in 30 days by July 7th. I have done 15 so far. I wil now switch my entry to What Am I Grateful for that has a blog post for every day since I started.

Sometime I just get in the writing groove, this is blog post number 4 today

Wishing you a High Vibe Day


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 What Are You Grateful For Today?