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I have become a fan of Wendy’s from emoms at home in the past month. I love both the layout and the style of her blog as well as the practicality of what she writes and the sharing of her experiences.

I had heard Des mention her name many times and I know she won a prize to the Elite Retreat.

Wendy has a great free e-course that I believe will improve both my blog and my traffic I am starting Day 1 of the course tomorrow, on July 1. This course looks like it will be a very practical, action orientated course and improve my blog.

The sign up page has this enticing comment from Wendy:

I’m Here to Help!

My name is Wendy Piersall – I’ve made my name as a blogger by learning the ropes from scratch.

Now in the top 8000 US web sites on the internet, I want to help you succeed as well!

Learn How to:

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The welcome email appealed to me, Wendy clearly outlines what will happen. I will receive 10 short emails- that was music to my ears as I have never been a fan of long emails and believe that if you can say it in one or two sentences why use 10 paragraphs.

There will be specific assignments each day, an indication of time I need to commit is included and last but not least it will be FUN as well as educational. Wendy’s last comment appealed to my passsion of making a difference : seeing my blog as a tool that will add value to the blogosphere. I also see this as being inline with the reasons I had when I set up The Abundance Highway.