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An exciting update on to Niche or Not to Niche, Focus or to Follow your Passion

I am keeping you posted on what’s happening on the niche front. I have decided to think out loud again and ask you, my readers for some feedback on my thinking and my exciting plans.

After my classes with Andy and Darren I have spent some time doing the research to see what I might do to develop a niche to create that Six Figure Income.

One of the tasks was to see if you could come up with at least 20 topics I could write on. I tested whether I would be able to come up with enough topics as well as posts to write on. I came up with a list of more than 30 topics that would fit within The Abundance Highway. Too many for a niche I know, but as Darren said:

If you can come up with 30+ topics that quickly I think you’re definitely on a topic that you shouldn’t have problems maintaining! You’ve also just saved yourself some great work over the next month or so!

So the plan- The Abundance Highway will become like a highway where you have the main route andAbundanceHighway then there are signposts that take you off the highway to various points of interest, services etc . Like getting petrol, stopping for a meal, visiting a gallery, stopping overnight at resort, visiting friends, doing a course.

The first signpost- read “niche” will be Simple Law of Attraction. There is a lot of information on the web and it is a growing market, but so much is complex and some with lots of puff and no fire.

I will write about tools and tips, use videos and the most exciting and both scary part is that I have decided to share blow by blow my LOA journey. I have a big goal I want to achieve quickly totally based around LOA and the principles as taught by Michael Losier

I will be expanding on this in a post on Wednesday (that was optimistic). More signposts will develop over the year. Next Monday will see the launch of Motivation Sayings on a Monday on this site initially, then shifting to its own blog. This will be something everyone can join in and benefit from like Wordless Wednesday.

Motivational Saying is one of the most searched topics on my blog, followed by Happiness, although this topic to Niche or Not and the post that started this Taking The Abundance Highway to New Heights, have been my top traffic over the past month.

I have clarity, focus and momentum and I am getting to follow my passion.

I would love to hear what you think, please think out loud in the comments or on you blog. Here is the trackback.

If there are any topics that you would like me to write about comment below or contact me.

Gratitude to

Darren and Andy for their course that has me moving forward faster than I would have solo.

Photo courtesy of Otto Yamamoto