My Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

On Monday I said I have a big goal I want to achieve quickly, based totally around LOA and that I would expand on this on a post on Wednesday. That was optimistic but here we are.

There are a few items I still have to put in place, but this morning my friend Nancy emailed me and said:

All is normal on your blog… I was waiting for sparks to fly out of my computer screen, or fireworks, or SOMETHING… I am presuming that something important is happening as I am writing this, so will check back at the blog later on today to see what is taking place.
Anyways, will keep checking to see when something spectacular happens!!

So here goes! (Takes a Deep Breath)

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to be in Vancouver, BC, Canada for Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction Certified Facilitators Program from June 5th – 8th, and not forgetting Wednesday Night International Meet and Greet, on 4th June. That’s 34 days from today!


A Big Dream

Seriously this is no small step. For a start Vancouver BC is 7,757miles (12,484kms) from here and a 14 hour nonstop flight. That’s not including the one and a half hour flight from here to Sydney.

I worked out with airfares, accommodation, course fees and incidentals there was no change out of $8,000. And at the moment I do not have $8,000 tucked away in an old sock.

So how is this going to happen

I have identified 3 steps:

1. Dream Big
2. Take Action
3. Stay Focused

1. Dream Big How did Michael know when he signed my book back in March that I needed to Dream Big? Okay so I have this step done.

Dream Big

2. Take Action: The Attraction Plan

  • Set up LOA site – I have almost completed this, where you will read about my journey, the tools I am using to stay in high vibes and more. It will be the blow by blow account.
  • Add a blog to my art site. This will be special, I am selling original works I had put aside as an archive of my work and which my textile art friends say I should keep :).
  • Sell some of our hoard of domain names that are gathering dust.
  • Ebay here we come – time to clear the unused items, some almost new. There will be a daily listing so you get first nod.
  • Ask for help – this is not something I can do alone.
  • Get advertising happening on my blogs.
  • Taking a leaf from other bloggers like Leo Babauta, John Chow, Alex Blackwell and others, I am going to ask for donations (interesting, the only examples I noticed are males). That is a stretch for me! In return I commit to continuing to inspire and add value.
  • Use Twitter, ask my blogging friends and my offline friends to tell the world – who knows what may come?
  • Sell Value Affiliate Programs that will help people in developing LOA skills.
  • Following on from becoming a Fan of Brian Campbell’s from Internet Marketing University who has set a goal of raising $10,000 in 37 days, I am thinking maybe a Facebook group could be part of the plan? What do you think?

3. Stay Focused: To this end I have an accountability buddy and I will be writing more on this process over the next few weeks. Keeping my eye tightly focused on the goal and not being distracted by Twitter, emails, forums, etc.

One way I would love all my readers, blogger friends to help get the ball rolling would be to give this post a Digg, a Stumble, a boost (see icons below).

All suggestions for how I can meet my goal welcome!

39 thoughts on “My Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

  1. Good for you Suzie. You will achieve this.

    I’m posting about your goal later today – let me know if there is anything specific (apart from donating $8,000 – which I don’t have!!) I can do to help.

    Actually I think it’s good it’s a non-stop flight – you’d need your water wings otherwise 🙂

    The Anti Hype at Guru Fodder’s last blog post..FeedaPALOOZA – The RSS Big Giveaway Goes Live

  2. Thanks Mark,
    I love your confidence, at this point I wish I was a techie.

    I like non stop flights and I checked today there are still seats.

    Have enough frequent flyer points , so got excited but no seats and flyin to Hongkong and then to Vancouver too long

    I am emailing you to see it you can magically make me a sexy thermometer that tells what is happening, just like the Kiva ones would be

  3. Hi Suzie, I wish you all the best for this manifestation! Other social bookmarking sites might bring attention to your quest as well. I’ll stumble this and submit it to mixx…. the more people that know the better. If you submit it anywhere else give me a shout and if I have an account I’ll give it love there as well! You can do this! It seems like you are taking all the right steps to ensure it comes about! Please let me know if there is any other way I can help you. — Jenny

    Jennifer Mannion’s last blog post..Nature Heals You — 10 Ways to Enjoy it

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thanks so much, I will let you know whenthe others blogs are up and thanks for the confidence. Must be workig, Card I drew this morning was courage:


  4. Go SUZIE!!! I’ll be cheering you on. I get all excited when people set themselves BIG GOALS. What I love is that you not only have a dream but you’re putting in place several ways to achieve that (not just sitting back and hoping it’ll all land in your lap). If anyone deserves to achieve this, it’s you! 🙂

    Lightening’s last blog post..Second Hand Shoes

  5. Suzie,

    I’m so proud of you for making this decision. We both know that when such decisions are made, your desires become realities.

    Two years ago I made the same decision about a bootcamp in Los Angeles, 3,000 miles from my location. I got there, and the same will happen for you to get to Canada.

    You’re going; there’s no doubt about it.


    Solo Business Marketing’s last blog post..Which Business Card Benefits Your Marketing Plan?

  6. Well done Suzie! Your announcement was worth the wait, and I CAN feel the fireworks in the air, the sparks from the computer and the energy being manifested.
    Your goal? I feel quietly confident that you will get there, and I look forward to being one of your first clients when you are a fully accredited LOA facilitator. I am glad that you are thinking big, bold, beautiful and audacious – the journey now gets more exciting!!

    Lots of love and best Wishes,

  7. You are awesome, you are deserving, you are brilliant and the universe has no choice but to deliver your request.

    Sending Pele over to your home to cleanse and purify. She is swift and efficient.

    Also calling in Ganesha the removal of obstacles. You may wish to have him at your front entrance.

    I am so, so excited for you.

    Simply act as if you are going overseas………..mmm didn’t I write an article about that.

    Look forward to catching up after my very, very, very, emotionally raw week.

    Peace, love and travel

    A place to rest and rejuvenate.

    • Wow, my vibes are soaring FROM EVERYONE’S WONDERFUL comments, I went into happy dance and total state of excitement mode, any doubts gone
      @ lightening I used to do this many years ago and achieved a lot , the excitement is fantastic.

      @shirley That is so reassuring, yes I will get there, just changed the red pin in the map to green, I am going!

      @Nancy, you made me dance again and I would love for you be my first client, I just love how this inspires and empowers me.
      My new statement about who I am: My mission whatever the label is

      I make a difference by inspiring others and helping people live lives full of joy, freedom and creativity.

      @ Carole,
      Thank for sending Pele?
      How did you know the home needs cleansing? Thank you I love your energy.
      Maybe I will go and find a Ganesha?
      Yes you did write about this I remember:) You even got your house totally decluttered. I am in the process of………..
      so good to hear from you, looking forward to catching up soon.

      love and abundance


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  9. Wow! Amazed at what a HUGE goal you have taken on – and how you are really putting it – and yourself – out there! What courage you have. You are a constant source of inspiration to me – and more and more people on our planet!

    You are doing/being/having it: I see it!

    Everything is in place.

    Just step by step, that’s all that is required from now til then, with your face towards Vancouver and Michael’s course in June like a sunflower towards the sun…

    Love and blessings,


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  12. Hi Suzie,

    Great Goal. I will help to promote your Goal via my Blog also.

    Just send me the link


    • Funny you said that, Des just suggested taking a photo of me with bag etc. Will head over to face book later , still have a blog to set up.
      I love how everyone knows I am going. I spoke with Michael this morning , I am so excited

      Suzie xx

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  16. Yay, Suzie!! What a fun way to use social media and community building. I didn’t know you before reading this post… I just happened to see a tweet from Caroline Middlebrook and decided to hop over and check out your mega BHAG.

    I’m a mega fan of BHAGs (love how Mark Victor Hansen encourages peeps to have ’em) and am also a big fan of Michael Losier and his Law of Attraction work!!

    I shared your post on Facebook with my ~2600 friends and chipped some $$ in your kitty. 🙂 I so see you in Vancouver at the training! You GO girl.

    (My hubby and I were just in Vancouver for an internet marketing seminar; we’re full time RVers headed to Alaska for the summer!)

    Mari Smith’s last blog post..Annoying Facebook Friends? Give ‘em the FaceBOOT!

    • Hi Mari,
      So happy to meet you and thank you for you chipin. It is so wonderful to read what you have said. I know it has inspire a lot of people and i know i make a difference and this training will catapult me. It has already I have totally stepped out side of my comfort zone and know I am much better for the process.

      Like your last blog post, you are so clued in on facebook. I still have a lot to learn.
      Thanks for letting you facebook group know and I will come and check it out
      I think Michael is great as he is the how to guy with LOA, I like his practical approach,
      Alaska for summer sounds wonderful. way to live. See you are from San Deigo, went there once. Nice city

      I feel we will connect online again and maybe offline sometime

      Have a delicious day


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