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Welcome To Week 7 SABs

Super Abundant Bloggers

Super Abundant Blogger.

The people chosen and their blogs will exemplify abundance, abundant thinking and generosity of spirit: they will also inspire me.

Drum roll for this week 7 SABS: This week features 3 fellow  Super Abundant Aussie Bloggers!


Robin Birch continually challenges her readers to question what is happening right now in their lives. Today the post making the most of life both challenged and inspired me with the question: What would you be doing if you believed you were never going to die?”


get organized wizard

Michelle Connolly provides an abundance of both free and paid resources that will help you get organized and take charge of your life. This weekend I will be reviewing Inbox Zen. This ebook looks like a great way to become both organized and simplify your email. I will report back next week



Kelly has a great tag line for She-Power: Writing with attitude. Kelly’s openness and honesty comes through in her writing. I love the “aging rebel” in her tagline, the only way to be. It what keeps us young at heart:)


And here is the official SAB badge for these bloggers to choose to proudly display.


be inspired


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