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This Just In: Experts Agree Keeping it Simple is the Key to Success in ’09?

Having one theme, one intention or one goal has been discussed on many blogs in the past week.

I was inspired initially by Mari Smith about having a theme for the year, Mari’s being influence for 2009. Mari’s theme last year was focus, that resonated with me as I know to move forward focus is important.

  • I met Mari online through my BHAG back in May 2008 and then we met in person at Blog World Expo in September. Mari, also known as the pied piper of facebook, had great success on 2008 in growing her business, dramatically increasing her income. I am looking forward to working with Mari as a member of her new Social Marketing membership site. What I have experienced so far has been inspiring as well as an eye opener about how facebook works. “Follow one course until successful!”- Mari Smith

Lorraine Cohen from Powerful Living writes about creating a Theme Year

  • I love Lorraine’s theme for 2009 “My themes for this year are Ease &  Flow (of outrageous prosperity and happiness!)” Lorraine says “forget about resolutions, we rarely keep them anyway!”
    So maybe this is your year to have a theme! Lorraine has some wonderful suggestions and has made a beautiful movie Aligning with you Destiny and says “Just imagine..It’s January 1, 2010. Another year has passed. You had dreams and desires you wanted to manifest in 2009. You’re reflecting upon the past year.

I loved reading  Ellie Walsh’s from Living The Law Of Attraction’s story

Ellie says “You only need to make one resolution!” Ellie made a resolution 20 plus years ago to make no  resolutions and it has continued to serve her well

Seamus Anthony from The Change Blog writes in his post Monomanical Obsession:

  • “If you really want to see the kind of success that others can only dream of then there actually is a surefire way to achieve it. The evidence of this methodology abounds but most people don’t recognize its inherent power because it seems unreasonable and way too hard.The method is to narrow your focus as much as you can so that you are only shooting for one major goal.And one means one – not three or four or even two.” Seamus then goes onto cite people I admire and love reading about, people who have made and do make the world a better place: Ganhdi, Bill Gates, Richard Branson

Alex Shalman  writes in 7 Key Tips to get a Ticket on The Success Train This Year to have just one goal :

  • By creating just one goal, we’ll be able to harness the ‘mystical’ powers of single-tasking, and get the goal done. When, and only when, this happens, we’re ready to move onto the next single-goal.” Alex asks where do you want the success train to take you in 2009″

My friend Jenny Mannion also has a moving post on Making Intentions Not Resolutions

I have been inspired by all of these articles and in my next article I will share my theme for 2009 and how I have decided on this.

Please feel free to share you theme, intentions, goals here, I will be fascinated to read how many people have chosen just one !