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Vancouver here I come! The plane is booked,  I stepped out of the comfort zone and I fly out of here June 3rd. After yesterday’s post Will I or won’t I, a dawn walk and beach meditation, the almost full moon in the sky that turned heart shaped in the photo and the sun rising, magic, I thought.


Dawn at Rainbow

               (C) Dawn at Rainbow Bay  Suzie Cheel

How blessed I felt and I heard that wise little voice inside saying, it’s time to step up and move forward fearlessly.

The thermometer is now rising daily, there is now a chipin widget and a Law of Attraction chipin page. When you chipin , you will get a link on a special page and a free teleclass on my return. If you contributed to Top Spots, you are listed on the Special People page.

Watch tomorrow for how you can help promote the chipin, my scarves and quilts and the domain sale and win great prizes, get linked and get a free teleclass on using LOA to grow your blog and/ or your business.

If anyone knows how to make a cloud page I could link to the Chipin, please contact me or comment below.




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