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I am sharing my angel card reading here today as I am feeling inspired by the angels. They are leaving signs at each turn.

These cards are very significant as I am about to take a leap of faith and follow my passion, I do need to learn to delegate. I can’t keep spreading myself  thinly.  And yes it is time to move, we are looking at a new home. It is already on the Vison Board.

I feel today I am listening to the angels (my intuition), which was confirmed when I headed over to Lance Ekum’s  Sunday Thought for Day at Jungle of Life – Gabrielle Bouliane’s message is so empowering – a must watch and if you have been sitting on the sidelines of your life, maybe it will be time to take a leap of faith

This was my comment:

Wow another timely message  the angels are telling  me, be bold and that it was time to take a leap of faith, take a risk and put my heart’s true desire into action, I come here and watch and listen to Gabrielle, this is amazing. This is the message I would give if I was in that situation .

Thanks Lance: time to really start living large, being bold . How exciting is that
Thank you for your inspiration

Lance then responded to my comment with these wise words:

InspirationI then dropped into The Law of Attraction in Action Fan page at Facebook and read more comments about what an inspiring place my fan page is. I had noticed last night what I had wriiten when I set this fan page up.

To inspire and empower people to lead lifes full of joy, creativity and freedom by taking inspired Action

That is still what inspires me. I currently have too many inspiring spokes on the wheel. I am looking to bring together all my various inspirations into a harmonious wheel.

So this is one Inspring Monday.

This will be one inspiring  week: I am stepping in my year of Living Large there will be some changes as I a roll out a new BHAG- Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I will share some details about the BHAG on Blog Talk Radio-when Dr Flora Brown from Color Me Happy interviews me- come and join in, ask questions or listen later. NTW that tomorrow at 11AM PST

I have just read what Flora has written that I will be sharing tomorrow, there’s no going back, it’s time to share my inspiration with a wider audience.

Sometimes just putting something BIG out there sets the wheels in motion and shift one’s perception.

Gabrielle Bouliane: What are you waiting for?” pleaded the University at Buffalo graduate, widely known for organizing and videographing poetry slams. “Why aren’t you being everything you can be right now? Please, take it from a girl who’s already half angel. Do not wait.

be inspired