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We attract what we think and feel.

One of the great things about being part of 6M Profit Method Community is the Power Talks and Pinnacle Newsletters.

I have just been listening to the latest Pinnacle MP3 from my millionaire mentor Lisa Diane , Lisa was sharing her personal experiences of what happened with her this week when she sharing an unpleasant experience she had, that was then repeated the next day, her 15 year old son asked her what she was thinking to attract that.

Lisa decided to share this with both the community and her readership. She also commented on how many more people were becoming attended to this thinking through the popularity of The Secret. 

Lisa’s 5 magic words are: Your thoughts create your life

She stressed the importance of your thoughts and feelings needing to be in alignment. Be conscious of what I think about- what do I hold in my mind, don’t think about what I don’t want. Energy can be measured- it is simple- there is high energy and low energy.

Things that make you feel good = high energy, positive thoughts, for me watching the sunrise, walking on the beach each morning, listening to a friend, learning something new and more.

Low energy things are based on feelings of lack, anger, everything is wrong, when you feel out of sorts – you don’t want this in your life- the 2 pictures have to match up. Lisa used a radio station as an example- if you want to listen to smooth jazz, you tune into the smooth Jazz station, and you are on the right frequency

So I need to be continually aware of my thoughts and feelings, being conscious that when I am not in line I am moving away from my source. I need to focus on the stories I tell myself each day. To this end for two weeks now each morning before I get out of bed, I affirm my abundance and write out my 6 main goals. I know my highs are higher and there are less lows.