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Gifts from god

Some days I just love the angels and the messages they send. This morning’s card mirroring what is happening for me on my attraction plan.

After declaring my BHAG last week, things are looking good. I received a phone call on1000 voucher Saturday offering me a $1000 contribution towards my goal, I was both amazed and I celebrated, gratitude dance, saying ‘ I attracted that”! Thanks to Mark from Guru Fodder for getting the first Top Spot.

So now I have 12% towards my goal, just 78% to go.

school fundraisers

I am adding a paypal button to both sites and a special page as well as a widget until Donations Cloud widget is ready. You can choose how much you would like to give, You will get a listing on a separate page as well as in the widget.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with updates and a giveaway.

Watch the post tomorrow for more news!