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Blogging idol

Suzie is putting The Law of Attraction into Action for July.

Another BHAG? Why not I thought. Nothing like a challenge to get me blogging on a regular basis.

Daniel Scocco from Daily Blog Tips has this fantastic contest going. The prize is a cool $ 3000. Winner takes all. What a great way to add to my May/June BHAG.

There are 106 entries, the winner will be the blog that increases their RSS feeds by the greatest number over the month of July.

I have been wanting to get my subscribers up to 1000 or more, so this was very timely. I mentioned in my last post that this blog was going to Jump in July.

Now I am going  to write  my strategy for this week. There will be contests, with simple entry rules . Drop back on Monday to find out more. Better still subscribe here.  There will be a FREEBIE for all subscribers.



So as they say WATCH THIS SPACE!