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Do you take accountability for your vibrational matches


Michael Losier loves to slice and dice words and today’s word accountability he suggested can be looked at in two parts.

“account and ability being used to mean the ability to which I am accountable”

It is easy to take accountability for the things that are a positive match and make us feel good.

What happens when everything is not all going to plan?

Do you take responsibility for what has not gone as planned?

Are your vibrations strong enough to overcome your friends possible negative vibration?

What happens when you drive into the parking station where you always get a park and your friend, who by the way is still trying to establish what she needs to buy at the supermarket and friend says ” I never get a spot here- Wow that is the opposite to my experience, I always get a parking spot in here I say. Then there isn’t a space?

This happened on Sunday. We always get a park at the beach. There wasn’t an immediate space at Rainbow, but there were spots up the street, and Des drove straight past them.  For whatever reason! We did find a space and walked a block to the beach.

Are you taking accountability for your words and your thoughts? Do you celebrate your successes?

Share your vibrational matches, positive or negative!


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