Law of Attraction Inspiration #5: Responsibility

Do you take responsibility for your vibes?


Do you take care of your vibes?

That’s taking responsibility for both the negative and positive vibes!

By dicing and splicing responsibility in the same way we did last week with accountability, we have two words response and ability.

What is your response when things are a perfect match?

Do you:

  • celebrate?
  • tell your friends and colleagues?
  • observe your wins?
  • acknowledge yourself?

Now what about when you attract  negative stuff into you life? Do you:

  • Observe briefly or it it usually more than a moment?
  • find yourself telling everyone about what is wrong, etc.
  • take responsibility for what’s happening?

Are minding your vibes?

Are you taking care of what you put in your vibrational bubble?


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17 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Inspiration #5: Responsibility

  1. Suzie,

    I’m happy to say that I’m taking responsibility for my positive and negative vibes. I tend to celebrate the positive by telling someone.

    As soon as I realize I’ve attracted a negative into my life I observe it and back track to spot what I did to bring it in. Boy, is that an eye-opener. It’s great, however, to discover how I set in motion the vibrations that attract events, people, things into my life. This knowledge helps me catch myself early enough to change my thoughts and vibrations to only the kind I want to attract.

    Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.s last blog post..Fleeting Moments, Fond Memories

    • Hi Flora,
      Great to see you here! You are on the right path, celebrating the positive is a great habit to develop.
      I love your explanation of how you back track, A good tool for everyone to use.

  2. Hi there Suzie – I got the hang of noticing and celebrating times when I attracted good things many years ago, fortunately, because I and a friend would talk about that sort of thing a lot.

    I do thing we need to pay some attention when things are going wrong – but not by telling everyone all about it constantly – that has a different energy.

    Cheers – Robin

    Robins last blog post..The Journey, With Brandon Bays

    • Hi Robin,

      What you say is so true about not telling everyone when things do go wrong, you are so fortunate to have started noticing and celebrating many years ago, obviously a great high vibe person to hang out with

    • Hi Tom,
      Your comments make my heart sing, I love that you feel lifted. It is amazing what happens when we do take responsibility


  3. I used to have a difficult time with the word “responsibility” because I listened to my inner critic who attached guilt, blame, and shame along with it.

    Now I understand that taking responsibility simply means “I did that,” or “Yep! I know how I attracted that..”

    It’s been very empowering for me to know that whatever is currently in my life, I’ve attracted, and this means I can attract whatever I choose!

    Carlotas last blog post..59 Powerful Affirmations to Stomp Out Criticism

  4. Hi Suzie,

    I really like the idea of determining how you respond to your negative or positive vibes. You also implied that it’s not wise to dwell on negative vibes. Great post. Thank you.


  5. nice post :)…yes all we need to do is to become more watchful, watchful of our inner space. Just become a witness to whatever is going on inside you :)…you will be transformed. Keep up the good work. Ivan

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  8. Hi, Suzie!

    Thanks, for bringing up that subject!

    Carlota’s a bit ahead of me! Hahaha! ;O)

    I’m still talking myself down from some of the harsh mood surrounding the word “responsibility.”

    Still, I’ve learned to celebrate a lot more. And, have been caught doing a bunch of Yay! dances, lately. I’ve been reminding myself I can laugh for no reason, and just accept the bubbly feelings that sometimes want to rise from within me, more.

    As for mistakes, I’ve been stopping mid-whip-crack, so to speak, and realizing that beating myself up isn’t necessary. Sometimes, anyway! ;O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

    Giovanis last blog post.."Energy & Law Of Attraction"

  9. Hi Suzie!

    Just wanted to pop out and check out your blog. I love this post! I was talking with someone the other day and it was the sort of conversation that sort of falls flat on the floor between the two and I wondered to myself “what had gone wrong?” I tried to see what it was that had made the energy of the conversation go so oddly but then I realized that it didn’t really matter. I just apologized for being a bit off and got off of the phone and did something else. Shifted the energy. We can’t always know what makes things go the way they do, but what we CAN do is chose where we are investing our precious energy! Thanks for your great post!

    Amy Jewell / Cirklagirls last blog post..TooMuchNess

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