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Tools for becoming a Deliberate Attractor

Beach inspirations-Vibrational Bubble © Suzie Cheel

The law of attraction in short is all about vibes. Vibes come from the longer word vibration and in the vibrational word their are only two kinds of vibrations, negative and positive. The Law of Attraction is a responder of vibration. The Law of Attraction is a  science and it is obedient.The Law of Attraction is checking and matching and it checks in your Vibrational Bubble– Michael Losier

Today’s tool to help you become a deliberate attractor is the Vibrational Bubble

Your vibrational bubble is the energy field that is around you. So if you are thinking positive thoughts that’s what you will be both sending out and feeling. If you are thinking negative thoughts that’s what you are sending out and feeling.

I know when I am thinking and feeling that life is not fair and things are not going the way I want then too I am including those in my vibrational bubble. I know Des says that he can feel my vibes across the room. Sometimes we don’t realize how powerful our vibes are and how other people can feel these.

When I am feeling joyful and grateful and happy and smiling I include that in my vibrational bubble and I feel good and radiate positive vibes and life flows simple and easily. I know people pick that up too. So when I focus on what I really really want in my life and include that  I am becoming more deliberate about what I want in my life and attract more.

Imagine you have a bubble around you and be aware of what you are including in your bubble.

Whatever you include in you vibrational bubble the Law of Attraction will match.

Which would you rather it matched , negative or positive vibrations?

So today become deliberate about what you are including in your vibrational bubble.

Also remember to celebrate what you do attract to your life

What Are You Including in your Vibrational Bubble?


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