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Now I have your attention, I have to thank SEO expert Lonnie Hodge from Culture Fish Media for the headline and Des Walsh for putting together a wonderful Social Media release so that bloggers can have access to audio, video, and the story of the book plus testimonials from the people who reviewed the book for me.

Today I am being interviewed by a fellow blogger and artist Mari Palma on Blog Talk Radio at 9pm EST that is 12 noon here on the Gold Coast and 1 pm in Sydney and Melbourne.

I would like to thank all the people who wrote such great Praise for my Book emergings. Below are snippets from what was said:

“Suzie Cheel’s book is more a ‘work of art’ than just a book…”
Jenny Mannion author of How I Used the Law of Attraction To Chronic Pain

“The graphics are exceptional and the poetry conveys emotion and wisdom.”
– Bill Vick – XtremeRecruiting

“I love it! And the paintings are beautiful! Every single one!”
Bob Doyle, teacher from the Secret, Founder of the Boundless Living Challenge & Wealth Beyond Reason

Suzie Cheel’s book will carry you through it like light and water… ”
Liz Strauss Social Web Strategist, Author of Successful-Blog.

Emergings” is a wonderful little vacation from the “real” world…”
Brad Yates EFT Wizard, Author of The Key To Success.

“Emergings is an artfully created book about the reality of the steps of transitions of our lives.    Suzie has an authentic voice and fills these pages with honesty, heart and wisdom.”
Rain Fordyce, Inspirational Life Coach, Editor of Authentic Times

“‘Emergings’ is comforting, both visually and emotionally. A peacefully  contemplative journey into the self-discovery and growth process that anyone can truly relate to.
Suzie has found a way to take us on that journey of discovery with beauty and compassionate wisdom.”

– Annette Pedersen, LOA Ambassador

“Suzie so eloquently captured how ‘Life’ flows from one moment to the next….   Suzie’s work is truly an inspiration.”  – Dr.Debbie Thompson – Chiropractor, Energy Healer

“Suzie Cheel’s mission is to inspire others and help them find their joy.

Rich German, author of Living the Law of Attraction
You have made a book that is beautiful for the mind (thought-provoking) and beautiful to the eyes, as watching those colorful paintings full of expression is a pleasure. It’s also super easy to read and while reading it one feels that is witnessing your journey of growth.”
Patricia Schiavone,Teacher and Editor

“What a beautiful creation, Suzie.
A gentle lyrical unfolding of the process of growing into a deeper self awareness, and the changes that need to happen in order to facilitate this.
Julie Hart, Psychologist, The Hart Centre

“Reading Suzie Cheel’s book ‘Emergings’ is like having a strong, gentle hand outstretched to you as you travel on the highway of life.   –Ellie Walsh – Law of Attraction Life Coach

Visit The Emergings Book’s Website and visit Blurb to see the first 15 pages.

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