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 Law of Attraction Jumps into Action at The Abundance Highway.

Blogging Idol

Law of Attraction     +    Dream Big      =     Blogging Idol


Suzie’s BHAG Plan for July


My goal is to win this Blogging idol competition and this is what will be happening to add value to my readers and encourage you to subscribe and help me win. Also to tell you blogging friends.


Why should you help me?

  1. You will get the first look at some great contests. First one coming up tomorrow, so win great prizes
  2. A free tele-class on learning how to start using the Law of Attraction in your life and business. I will be using this process to increase my subscribers
  3. Daily inspirational guidance, abundance, manifestation cards with a reading to get your day going. Todays’s inspired Carole King to take up an opportunity that had been presented to her. Two lucky readers will win a set of their own cards.
  4. Be a Guest blogger here this month if you have your own Law of Attraction Story the world is waiting to hear.
  5. All subscribers will get a my new simple 3 step Guide to using LOA to get more of what you do want in your life.
  6. You will get to read, rather belatedly the outcome of my past BHAG and hear and read what happened in Vancouver.
  7. Increase Your web presence by joining The Law of Attraction Room at Friendfeed.
  8. Follow me on Twitter.

When I win, Team World will get a donation to kick off our fundraising. There will be a report next week on what Glenda and I learnt and would do differently.

Anyone who has both sane and left of center suggestions, drop them in the comments below. 

When you subscribe in a reader leave you name below or contact me.

See you tomorrow for daily inspiration and the first contest.