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Photo by Shiefield Mickey


Does the Law of Attraction work? After meeting the Law of Attraction How to Guy, Michael Losier last week and continuing to put into action his 3 step process, and beginning to see  more signs of abundance in my life as well as hearing success stories as I listened to some of Michael’s teleclassess.

I was sitting here at the computer yesterday morning and I began to feel a little feverish and decidely not 100% .

I took a dose of fizzy B&C and thought it would pass. Later in the day I felt worse, had a headache and some very nasty green phelgm being coughed up, not at all pleasant.

I then went out to do a few errands. Driving back I thought well I have attracted this to me and I don’t have time to be sick. I was immediately aware that I had used the word DON"T, so what did the universe hear? TIME TO BE SICK.  You might recall I wrote about this a while ago. How our words send vibrations. So I could choose to focus on time to be sick or time to be well, I choses the latter telling this to the universe and to my body.

If  I had been able to attract this to my body I was going to unattract this from my body.

I then took another fizzy B & C in water and added a fizzy Panadol for rapid relief for the throbbing head. Then I made a pot of green and lemongrass tea, turned on Twitter , always good for some laughter as well as vibe raising.

I added positive feelings and pictures of wellness to get the vibration into a positive state. By 5.30 pm when I had a skype call with 2 other Law of Attraction leaders, I was feeling well. I recorded this in my LOA journal of evidence.

This was for me the Law of Attraction in Action. Celebration time

Do you have a story of Law of Attraction in action? Please share below or write your own story and link back here