Words Send Vibrations

A Law of Attraction Feature

Do your words affect the results you get in your life? I know mine often do.

After listening this morning  to one of Michael Losiers Law of Attraction wake up calls. I became more conscious of what I say without thinking of the results I am likely to get.

Michael’s calls are inspirational messages to uplift your day and provide practical tools and strategies to stay connected with the The Law of Attraction.This call, Words send vibrations, is a a short call with lots of punch and tools to help create positive vibrations.

I like the way Michael gets you to become part of the call, even though these are recordings not live.

What is law of attraction?  Its is all about vibes. Vibrations being moods or feelings, that we have at all times. Right Now!

Michael says: ” The Law of Attraction is a Science, a formula, that has one job, to match vibrations and give you more of the same. The Law of Attraction is obedient.”

This morning’s call started with the drawing of the 4 boxes below, and writing the words

This is to show you how your words create your reality.

Law of attraction

So my thoughts  can cause me send a positive or negative vibration, which will then have a negative or postive result.

The most important lesson I took from this call was the tool that was given to overcome using the following words

Law Of Attraction

These are 3 words that that we all need to eliminate from our lives

The tool given here was to replace any of these words with the question ” So what do I want? This in itself can be a challenging question.

Law of attraction is a process and Michael suggested using the phrase ” so what do I want ” as a password for the next few days to develop this habit to eliminate the 3 words: don’t,not and no.

I was sharing the essence of this call with Des on our way to the beach and in conversation as we walked on the beach I became conscious of how often I use not, in one ot other of it’s forms: ” I’m not going too…….”, “I won’t…….”, I can’t……….”

I have some work to do here.

Michael says that we need a strategy to remember to ask ” so what do I want?” One suggested was to use post its.

I think I need to have some post its on my computer and around the house with these words on them.

When you change your words you change your vibration

So how positive are your words and what results are you getting?

I hope you will feel free to share in the comments.

You can hear Michael’s call here

10 thoughts on “Words Send Vibrations

  1. Suzie,

    Changing your vocabulary is absolutely necessary in order to attract the things you want in life. This is something I’ve been working on for the past couple years.

    I used to be someone who would always say, “I’m broke! I don’t have…” Then I realized that those words were keeping me from being wealthy!

    Great post 😉

  2. I’m a kind of person who always looked on the negative side of my life.. I keep on saying “I can’t do this and that” etc..
    But I just realized that being a positive person is very important.

    • Hi Martin yes being positive is very important and I am working on getting back that beautiful feeling to continue journey

  3. Suzie I have almost changed “should” to an open ended question. When training for my profession, I realized that I said, “You should,” way too often. How arrogant I was in presuming what another person “should” do.

    This post fits in well with emotional intelligence and the formula for clear communication: I feel….when you….because…

    Thanks for joining us in the Carnival of Australia.

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  8. I look to the positive side but when times get really ruff I sometimes fall back so coming to this website will surely uplift my spirits to jump over my brick walls.

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