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I have just read a wonderful post over at Bea Fields blog titled: Talent, Passion and Courage

It’s about the success of British mobile phone salesman, Paul Potts who this week won Britain’s Got Talent show.

What a wonderful post, and such a magical story. I have just watched the 3 you tube videos, and like Amanda Holden, one of the 3 judges, I felt goose bumps and his singing of Nessun Dorma brought tears to my eyes. I had known of Paul Potts’ success, but until I read Bea’s post I wasn’t aware of the challenges he had faced.

I loved the comment from Amanda in the opening round, when she said they thought they had a case of a little lump of coal that was going to turn into a diamond.

Piers Morgan said that he and Simon Cowell had a vision for finding somebody who was doing an ordinary job, was very unassuming, quietly had an amazing talent, and that they could provide that person with a platform to show the world what they could do and Paul Potts is that person.

Paul has achieved his dream. After the first round he commented that his voice was his best friend, and when he is singing, he is in the place he should be. This gave him the confidence to acknowledge himself. “I am Paul Potts”

This does show how someone can move into their own power, do what they are both passionate about, live their dream and then, that previous lack of confidence melts away.

You can be inspired, get the links at Bea’s blog.

I love the magic and this reminds us that each day we can live with passion.

Please leave you story of passion and courage in the comments.

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