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Jenny Mannion at Heal Pain Naturally came up with this group writing project called Heroes of Healing.

I first met Jenny through the Abundance Carnival early this year and Jenny has become a great supporter both for me and The Highway. I will be reviewing Jenny’ book next month.

Jenny used the Law of Attraction to overcome a disorder that she had been told by doctors that with all her chronic illnesses the best she could hope for was to “manage my pain with prescription medication.

I was told my pain and quality of life would only worsen. After seeing The Secret, Jenny knew I had to learn all I could about the Law of Attraction and the mind/body connection so that I could HEAL myself.”

If you want to participate either by proposing your hero or commenting on one of the hero’s already being written about head over to Jenny’s blog.

I can see this will be a fantastic resource on so many different aspects of healing.

I have decided to make this a feature this week. The heroes I will be featuring Bob Doyle, Brandon Bays, Michael Losier, Doreen Virtue and Brad Yates.

Here is the current list of Heros of Healing and who’s writing about them. Many of these listed are heroes for me to.

Heroes of Healing List :

Bob Doyle by Suzie Cheel ( posting soon)

Brandon Bays by Suzie Cheel (posting soon)

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor by Jenny Mannion

Dr. Joan Borysenko by Lisa Erickson

Dr. Deepak Chopra by Dawn Abraham — (posting soon)

Gary Craig by Akemi Gaines

Dr. John DeMartini by Angela Recchia — (posting soon)

Mike Dooley by Camille Olivia Strate — (posting soon)

Dr. Wayne Dyer by Jenny Mannion

Gangaji by Lisa Erickson

Thich Nhat Hahn by Isabella Mori — (posting soon)

Louise Hay by Kelly at She Power — (posting soon)

Jerry & Esther Hicks and Abraham by Camille Olivia Strate — (posting soon)

Byron Katie by Caroline Middlebrook — (posting soon)

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross by Ari Koinuma

Michael Losier by Suzie Cheel (posting soon)

Mary O’Malley by Dr. Nicole -(posting soon)

Dr. Eric Pearl by Jenny Mannio

Susan SARK by Jenny Mannion

Eckhart Tolle by Jenny Mannion

Vaishali by Jenny Mannion

Doreen Virtue by Suzie Cheel (posting soon)

Oprah Winfrey by Jenny Mannion

Ron Wilkens by Jennifer Abbott — (posting soon)

Marianne Williamson by Lisa Erickson

Brad Yates by Suzie Cheel–(posting soon)

So who are your heroes of healing? Comment below or write your own post.