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Each Sunday- well most Sundays I write a guest post at Liz Strauss’s Blog. This came about after meeting Liz last year at Blog World Expo.

Liz has walked on many beaches here in Australia and like the idea of having an international flavor on her blog. With both Des and I writing, so far it has been just me.

This week in comes Des with the words to go with the idea and the picture.

I am on a 3 daycountdown to complete My Boundless Living Challenge by this Thursday and I was feeling that I was running to make the completion.

When I saw the footsteps, I thought: “putting one foot in front of the other is what I need to do , focus on the task at hand.”

Read Beach Notes Here

Most of the posts are inspired when I am on my morning beach walk, reflect what is going on in my life currently

Sometimes I have let you know most weeks I have forgotten to. Not such a smart move on both self promotion or linking.

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