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I had a request from one of my regular readers Jes from Visfitness after my post on Staying Active asking could I put some of my quilts up on my blog.

I know now it is time to revamp my Art and Beyond site, put a blog on it and let the world see my art.

I will share here the last quilt I made that is currently in the Gold Coast Biennial Quilt Show at the Gold Coast Art Gallery . There are 150 quilts on display, some for sale. There is a varied mix of quilting styles, from traditional, patchwork through to art and innovative ones.

There are also 150 postcards made from fabric for sale as a fund raiser. These are for sale for $ 3 each.

The show runs from Saturday 25th August to Sunday 23rd September. I will put some photos here when I have been to see the show and do what is called in the quilting game- being a white glove lady for the afternoon.

My quilt is called Beyond The Lines, initially inspired from the poem Beyond Our Lines.

I was walking on the beach when I first started to formulate the idea for this quilt.

It was also one of my earlier Beach Inspiration posts , you can read about here.

Art Quilt

If you look β€œbeyond the lines” you can sense greater complexities. mysteries and adventure.

The quilt is made from hand printed silk and cotton, some pieces were stitched by hand, some by machine and then printed over.

This was a highly focussed activity last week, sleep was a secondary consideration. It is amazing how a deadline gets me so focussed and the task completed.

I now need to employ this focus to make that $10 in the Thirty Day Challenge