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Inspiration From The Cards

This mornings card from The Archangel Oracle Card Deck, followed the previous inspiration Do you trust your guidance the guides are certainly making sure I do what several people recently have suggested I do when I am uncertain. My friend Jenny Mannion who I have had two Reconnection Healing sessions with, asks when I tell her what is going on with me “have you asked your body?” – your intuition,that knowing gut feeling, higher self, inner wisdom, whatever you call that small inner voice that knows?

You Know What to do

Drawing this card was another aha for me and and reinforced when I sit quietly and meditate, ask and listen I hear these wise words. I then need to trust and take action on what and how I will move forward. Archangel Uriel is said to illuminate cloudy situations by lighting the pathway. I like that as I had a cloudy afternoon yesterday.

Today I am completing some offline decluttering so I will take actions that propel me forward fearlessly. I feel excitement as the space becomes clear of the old and unused. I have been getting this message for a week or so now, today I took action and moved the boxes out of the house and gave them to libraries and charities. That gives me a good vibe feeling.

Share your special way you listen to your inner wisdom?

Wishing you a High Vibe Day



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