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Daily Guidance Cards by Doreen Virtue

Do you sometimes feel that, although you believe you are being  honest with yourself, deep down you wonder if you are kidding yourself?

I had a sense of this recently.

Yesterday, walking on the beach,  it  finally dawned on me that constantly trying different business systems was not going to work for me. Apart from anythingelse it was exhausting.

Then I had my AHA! moment.

The way for me to successful would be to truly focus like a laser beam on one master system for my business. This will overcome the sense I have of “being all over the place” or as my friend Spirit Coach says “spinning my wheels”.

I will be able to bring together in one system my various business activities.

How am I going to do this? I have attracted a brilliant syatem which meets my needs

Last Saturday I was cleaning out my email deleting, unsubscribing and moving newsletters to a separate account when this email jumped out at me:

Suzie You Could Be one of 2 Winners that Get $5000 Worth of Coaching and Products From Me!…

I love winning prizes and I love a challenge. I opened this email, clicked on the link and started watching a video where Maria Andros talked about how she used the Law of Attraction to change her life. I  loved her abundance quotes. Maria and her message spoke to me.

I was excited and said I am going to enter this competition and win one of  two scholarships Maria is going to give to her Social Media Blueprint coaching program.

Today I am going to write out my vision and make my video for why I want to be coached my Maria Andros.

You can watch the video here