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A big thank you to the inspiring Lorraine Cohen for putting the last Carnival together back on November 19th. At that time I had very sporadic internet connection and if you have read my last post you will know I have had a virus that has me laid low.

If you haven’t read this edition you will find some great posts from some regulars. Lorraine put together a very good balance of articles. I was interested in a comment Lorraine made in one of her emails to me ” Interesting how many
have nothing to do with Abundance or the Law of Attraction.” Carole had also made this observation when she hosted the previous edition.

One post that caught my attention was about Volunteering by Louise Manning and the importance of self worth. This is a very important part of accepting our abundance too.

Also a new writer Dick Ingersoll on Making the Law of Attraction Work: How is this working for you?

Carole Fogarty’s post titled The Tao of a happy full wallet is a must read- taking action is also recommended.

The December carnival will have a different slant as Blog Catalog is having a special Blog action Day. After meeting Tony Berkman the owner of BlogCatalog at Blog World and discussing this special Day, Bloggers Unite in Acts of Kindness Day.

Watch the video here 

I said this would be a good focus for The Abundance Thinking Carnival in December. So here’s a challenge, head over to Bloggers Unite and register , write a post, podcast, video, take photo , tell a story and then submit it to Abundance Thinking carnival and make a difference.

The next Abundance Thinking carnival will be back at The Abundance Highway

Please just submit ONE post and it would be wonderful to see some poems, videos,etc. Remember the closing date for the next edition is December 15th at 11pm EST. Submit your blog article to the next edition of abundance thinking using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.