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Your Ideal Healthy Body in 10 Minutes a Day.

I shared my desires for my ideal healthy body with you in Law of Attraction Card:Allowing Well Being In
I mentioned that I was going to start doing The 5 Tibetans as part of my ideal healthy body attraction plan.

I started doing these 5 simple exercises each morning before I went to the beach this week.

I learned the 5 Tibetans from  the fabulous Carolinda Witt who  says:

“The Five Tibetans” are a once-secret, ancient rejuvenation technique that have long been practiced by monks to slow aging, increase energy, calm the mind and strengthen the body.

You can listen to Carolinda talk about and demonstrate the 5 poses plus her special rejuvenation breathing technique:

I love that Carolinda has simplified the exercise process and after 10 weeks I know I will be fitter, healthier and be experiencing the

Benefits Of The Five Tibetan Rites:

  1. Increased energy and vitality – can keep going and going.
  2. Calmer, less stressed.  Able to cope better
  3. Improved breathing
  4. Significant mental clarity. Razor sharp focus.
  5. Overall improvement in health
  6. Improved mood and overall sense of wellbeing/purpose
  7. A more youthful body, less stiff and far stronger.

As Carolinda says: When you have developed this new habit who knows what other new habits you might establish in just 10 minutes a day.

This practice supports my Simple and Easy mantra for 2009.

I have also started one other practice of swimming 3 morning a week from Greenmount to Coolangatta. You can read the story of how I started on Beach Notes


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