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Allow Well being

The Art of Allowing is:

“I am that which I am, and I

am pleased and joyful in it. and

you are that which you are. And

while you are different from

that which I am, I can allow

that, for it is also good.”- Abraham

Allowing well-being in relates closely to my body wellness today,  On Saturday I wrote about turning the downward spiral upward . I did create my desire statement and have been reading it each day. Yes I feel 100% on where I was at on Saturday. There are a few remnants that need some help to leave

My Desire Statement:

I am in the process of attracting all that I need to do, know or have to attract my ideal healthy body and lifestyle.

I love knowing that my ideal body looks and feels good at all times.

I have decided to feed my body only foods that nourish and give me energy

Taking 10 minutes each day to do the 5 Tibetans strengthens and empowers both my mind and my body

I love seeing myself looking trim, taught and terrific

It excites me that I always radiate radiate positive vibes

More and More my healthy body vibrational meter is at 99.7

I am excited at the thought of my immune system being strong, healthy and resists bugs

I have decided to eliminate toxins from my body-

The Law of attraction is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me my desire.

What I have failed to follow through on was the allowing stage. How often do you forget a step? I specifically ask clients to complete this allowing step as often this is where the resistance will be strong and can be overlooked. often people then wonder why nothing has changed.

So now it is time for me to create My Ideal Healthy Body and Lifestyle  Allowing Statement. I will then print the statement out and read it several times a day. This puts my desires into my vibrational bubble.


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