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Law of Attraction in Action:Round 3 Boundless Living Challenge

  • Have you got a masterpiece inside of you?
  • Do you know you have the world is waiting to: SEE, HEAR, BE INSPIRED BY?

This challenge is all about breaking past barriers that have stopped you from living the life of your dreams.

The first challenge back in July 2008 was when Bob Doyle who set up the Boundless Living Challenge and who you may have seen in The Secret.

My first challenge was in response to the question:

Do you have something tucked away in a cupboard, on a shelf or even on your hard drive just waiting for the world to see? I did!


I did meet this challenge, am a published author and I have made great friends along the way.
Listen to past challengers talk with Bob Doyle on Blog Talk radio

It is one of the best online communities I have been involved with.

The second challenge from back in October,

My Second Challenge was great way to set myself up for failure- I set 3 intentions and focused on none

On March 31st 2009 is that I did reach my second desire last week,

I got listed on Michael Losier’s Certified Facilitators Site. Click on Australia woo hoo happy dance

I have shared this as I thought it might be useful to those new BLC challengers and those of you thinking of joing
I will be back tomorrow with my new challenge for Challenge number 3

Do you have a dream, big or small that you have been hiding maybe from yourself and the world?

Come and join me and put the Law of Attraction into Action

Wishing you a High Vibes Day


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