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Day1: I have decided in the interests of my own accountability I will post my experiences, the highs and the lows of this e-course.

Goals for the The Abundance Highway Blog

Next 30 Days to 31.7.07

  1. 100 subscribers ( currently 28)
  2. Increase traffic by 50%
  3. Make $1,000 from blog
  4. Technorati authority ranking 200/ top 30,000 (Currently 123/40,355)
  5. Post 5 days pw x 2 = 44 posts

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Next 6 months ? to 31.12.08

  1. 1,000 subscribers
  2. Increase traffic by 300%
  3. Make $8,000 per month from blog
  4. Technorati authority ranking 600/top 10,000
  5. Post 5 days pw x 2 with guest bloggers

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Attend Blog World In November as a top Authority Blogger Establish as a blog

Ultimate outcome from my blogging 2 years from now: 31.6.2009

  1. To be financially free
  2. Help 1000 people do the same
  3. Making $20,000 per month from blog
  4. Blog value is $1,000,000 or more
  5. Be an invited speaker at Blogher, Blog World, etc


The mission of the Abundance Highway is to make a difference by helping people achieve financial freedom, at the same time making a positive difference to their lives, which in turn will impact positively on the lives of others and the world

I will achieve this by sharing the successes, setbacks and learnings from my own journey to freedom and abundance, and do this in a way that makes people?s hearts sing and empowers each and everyone of them, to live a life without limits.

I would love to connect with others either doing this course , who may want to share their experiences or just want to have a better blog.