Law of Attraction How to Guy:Michael Losier

Law of Attraction Interview With Michael Losier.

I have just come off the monthly call I have with Michael Losier which is a bonus I get for being one of Michael’s Law of Attraction Facilitators.  These calls which Michael calls Business Building Calls are fantastic. They keep you in touch both with Michael and other graduates. Each call Michael shares teaching points to help our business grow and we get to share success stories and ask questions. One of the things I love about Michael is the value he adds.This was evident at the training I took almost 2 years ago and what upcoming trainees can expect in his next training in Vancouver in June 24th-27th 2010

Last week I got to talk with Michael about how I came to meet him and became one of his Certified Law of Attraction Facilitators.


You can ask Michael any questions you may have about training with him on a  live Q & A call.

The next one is on

Monday June 7, 2010

8:00 am PST (11:00 am EST) or at 6pm PST (9:00 pm EST)

Details are on this page

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Michael Losier and the Law of Attraction

Todays post is a guest post from Annette Pedersen . Annette and I met last year online through Boundless Living Challenge. Last Thursday Annette got to meet my LOA mentor. Michael Losier and is sharing her experience of this seminar. Enjoy I did 🙂 I actually felt like I was back in Vancouver in June 2008. Today I was on a call with Michael and he said Annette wrote beautifully and he was humbled by what she wrote.

Michael is a truly special human being, so generous and so loving and lovable. Michael’s simple LOA system had brought so much abundance to my life:

Annette’s Story”

I had the pleasure of attending Michael Losier’s Meet & Greet the Author + 2-hr workshop at the Ritz Carlton Phoenix on 8/20/09– and was it a fabulous way to invest several hours~

Suzie Cheel introduced me to Michael and his Law of Attraction book and coaching a bit over a year ago. Anyone that gets the Kudos Suzie gives Michael is definitely someone to check out! I read the book, easily applied the principles ~ got results! ~ and listened to some audios from Michael, as well as signing up for his newsletter. When I received the email that he would be presenting in town and there was a meet and greet, I signed up immediately!

First I would like to tell you why I was so ready to go to this particular event: It was a benefit presentation for Community Dental Foundationa non-profit organization dedicated to providing underserved children in Maricopa County with a better future by improving their oral health and restoring their smiles. I was impressed that Michael would donate his time for a cause like this, but I am finding out that’s the kind of person he is.

The second reason is much less humanitarian – I Love this hotel! Decorated in Old World style, with oversize original oil paintings and lots of carved wood and cushy-thick area rugs it feels as if we have stepped across the water into a high-class European hotel. Crystal chandeliers, marble-topped side tables and French doors ~ Michael has taste!

When I arrived, I was surprised at the long line of people. I did not realize that Phoenix had so many who want to explore the Law of Attraction! The line moved quickly though the volunteers running registration had everything under friendly, welcoming control. I managed to spot and snag Michael before I went in, got a picture with him and an autograph for his book. Now my copy has two great autographs – Michael Losier AND Suzie Cheel! Michael was more than happy to have his picture taken, and I noted the way he greeted attendees – he’s down-to-earth and genuinely happy to see people. This is a plus in my book, especially for those who are teaching us how to improve our lives. He lit up when I mentioned Suzie’s name and that in itself was a credit to his character.

Walking into the room, I noticed the thoughtful set-up. Chairs were at an angle so that all would be able to see, and there was a raised platform for the speaker.  No one would have trouble seeing. I stopped by the A/V table and chatted a moment with the technician. I am a sound editor, and all those buttons draw me right in! A table from a local bookstore New Vision was set in the back of the room with Michael’s Law of Attraction and his new book Law of Connection. I do believe they ran out of product by the end of the evening. Water served in silver pitchers lined the back of the room ~ so elegant!

I found an aisle seat and began a conversation with the woman sitting in front of me. She is an aroma-alchemist and had just been introduced to Michael Losier and his concepts a few weeks ago. I felt right at home with the diverse group of people who quickly filled the room.

The event started right on time – with a high level of energy right from the start. Although I am rather LoA savvy and have read the Law of Attraction, I gained many new insights from the presentation, such as: the Law of Attraction is OBEDIENTWE have Command !

Michael’s method of teaching and the way he engages the audience really sinks the material in and makes you feel you’re part of Michael’s world. This is a participatory event! Worksheets were provided for us to easily follow along and have ready-made notes. The attendees had quite a lot of their own energy, and there was a lot of laughter throughout the 2+ hours.

Watching Michael is not only informative and inspiring, but truly entertaining. He may have done this speech over 150 times in the past year, yet his eyes sparkle, his face lights up and you know he just LOVES what he’s doing. It’s obvious he not only believes in himself and his material, but he also truly believes in PEOPLE, and this is what drives his passion to teach. Michael grabs your attention immediately and keeps it with his humor and his audience inclusion. Being able to vocalize what you’re learning and being ‘quizzed’ is actually fun! Who’s going to forget Words, Thoughts, Vibe, Results” after you’ve firmly stated it with 2oo others? Or “I get what I Vibrate’? I heartily agreed when Michael told us that whatever method works, use it. If it doesn’t work, then don’t use it. Visualization? Fine, if it works for you. Taping checks to the ceiling? Great, IF it works for you. There was no pushing, no ‘you must’ – just sharing the ‘howwe can all live better lives. We all got free CDs, too – a sampling of the new publication Law of Connection read by the author (this means Michael – it’s going to be some of the more interesting audio I’ve listened to!)

Of course, his story about Oprah, The Secret and how his book got on Amazon’s Best Seller list was hilarious and very inspiring. Did you know he had/has a $0 advertising budget? Now That’s Law of Attraction!

31 people from around the world who are taking Michaels’ Law of Attraction Certification course, and they were introduced and honored with a hearty round of applause. I met one of them afterwards, a charming Irishman. Hes traveled all the way from Ireland to take a course from a Canadian in Arizona! The Law of Attraction is global. Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction is easy to understand, has tools to help us apply it in real life, but most important – IT WORKS. And Michael has made it easy for us to attend workshops, teleconferences and the audio library by making it all truly affordable.

In the anteroom following the workshop, I was approached by some people promoting a Law of Attraction Networking group. I have been looking for this type of networking – TaDa! That’s SO Law of Attraction!

You can follow Annette on twitter @annettepedersen or hire her to give you a great audio of your recordings

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Launch Event: Law of Attraction Workshop

Boundless Living Challenge Achieved

Law of AtrractionI know it has taken a while – months in fact – but twenty four hours from now I will be delivering my first open, live, Law of Attraction workshop.

And I am excited!

I knew that I could do it, but getting to the point of booking the room and advertising the event meant I had to break through some challenges of self-doubt and “what if nobody comes?” type fears.

I have done a few workshops already, both online and offline, but this one, as a three hour event open to all comers, has presented a new level of challenge for me.

It’s not that I feel I can’t do it. I’m completely confident. And I’ve had some great feedback from the workshops and presentations I’ve already done on Law of Attraction.

For example, one person who was on a teleconference call I did on Law of Attraction said “I’ve never heard the Law of Attraction explained so simply.”

That comment I found wonderful. In fact it made my heart sing.

Because, as I am finding more and more, my passion is to show people how they can apply the Law of Attraction in their lives simply. It might not always be easy, but I want to help keep it simple. This is what attracted me to Michael Losier and his clear simple 3 step process on the Law of Attraction.

Yes, my blogging has suffered in the past week or so. But I know I will get back to it with enthusiasm.

Once tomorrow night’s workshop is done!Michael Losier

Back in October I set another myself  the desire to be listed on Michael Losier’s Facilitators site in the  Boundless Living Challenge, that will now be achieved: Lots of happy dances.

I would also like to acknowledge Tom Volkar and his Daily Decision Strategy that I committed to almost two weeks ago, on a great free coaching call. This has propelled me forward to spend 1 hour blocks to get tasks completed. Another simple system which when employed works!

For the benefit of people on or near the Gold Coast, here are the details of tomorrow’s workshop:

You can send me a twitter or visit the facebook event page, I do have a few places left.

Law of Atrraction



Law of Attraction Inspiration #2: Words Send Vibrations

Tools for becoming a deliberate attractor.

My words become my reality

My words form thoughts,

My thoughts I have cause me to send a vibration

Whether negative or positive

Then I get a positive or negative result

Law of attraction

Are there areas of your life where you are not getting the results what you want?

Might be:

  • your health
  • your  relationships
  • your business
  • your money

Words cause us to send vibrations

There are 3 words that when we use them  send negative vibrations and cause negative results.


Don’t Not and No are three words we need to eliminate from our vocabulary.

When you catch yourself saying don’t not and no ask yourself

So what do I want?

When I go from what I don’t want to what I do want the words change and then the vibration changes too.

Remember Law of Attraction is a process and we need to remember that. It make take 3 or 4 days to change this habit.

I found I needed tools to use initially to reinforce this for me.

Having a tool to use helped me master eliminating Don’t, Not and No from my vocabulary

I put stickies all over the house, in my wallet, on a mirror, on the fridge, in the car and that helped me to develop a new habit.

so what do I want

So what are the words you are using?

What are the thoughts you are using?



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This tool was given to me by Michael Losier from one of his Wake Up  Inspirational  calls

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