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This week, I have been in my home town of Canberra, catching up with friends and celebrating my best friend’s birthday milestone. My good intentions for daily posting went out the window, but it was great to spend the time with old friends.

That is one of my important communities. my online communities are also important to me.

Since I have come back I have found a new community, Yovia I had seen their stand at BlogWorld Expo, but had not really focussed on them until Des alerted me to the post he had just written Keeping The Advertising noise down with Yovia. After reading the post I visited Yovia’s site and liked what I saw.

The Yovia Network is a group of websites committed to keeping free of SPAM. Each website is linked to the others, but not in a fake or contrived way.

I submitted this blog for consideration.

Today I received an email from Israel Swanson of Yovia, saying my site had been profiled on Buzz Yovia and asking me to spread the word. I then remembered getting a postcard at Blog World about spreading the word.

I am now a founding member of Yovia Network

Join me at the