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I was about to recycle the magazine, Living Now, a free magazine that I usually pick up in my local health food shop. I realized I hadn’t even opened this May issue, so I flipped through and the words Guardian Angel jumped out at me.

I read the article and was absolutely riveted by the contents. I am quite passionate about the angelic realm, have completed Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive Course and regularly use one of the many Angel Reading Card Decks I have in my collection.

This was review of a book The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for those who Believe in Angels by Tom T. Moore. The focus of the review that most fascinated me was the request for a most Benevolent Outcome. Tom used simple examples to start with: He would request, out loud, a Benevolent Outcome for finding a parking place next to where he went daily to pick up his mail. Simple you might think, but there was limited parking. He found it worked well – someone would pull out of a parking space just seconds before he arrived. He tried it in different situations and he found it worked again and again. He then began to apply it to other areas of his life. For over 10 years Tom has been requesting “a most benevolent outcome” for every facet of his personal and professional life and shares his personal stories and insights with you in the book.

Tom tells us that learning how to be in touch with your Guardian Angel is truly a simple process, and we already know the information, most of us have forgotten it. He comments that making it a part of our daily routine is the hardest part, Adding something new to our daily lives, even though highly beneficial, takes some work.

I have just ordered the book from Amazon, so will be watching the post for a fast delivery. In the meantime, I was able to download two chapters from The Gentle Way website. This is good as you can start employing the practice and he has an affirmation he suggests using daily, and you can also download a sign to put around to remind you to ask for Benevolent Outcomes daily.


There are enthusiastic reviews at Amazon and they reinforce what I have glimpsed from the sample chapters. A simple approach and one that is easy to use daily. Other readers commented on how they use it daily and how asking for a most benevolent outcome can relieve stress and it works!

Like other habits of success that make a difference to both your life and your abundance, I will need to put the sign around until it becomes a daily habit.

Today I put a small one on the dashboard of the car, one on the fridge, in the bathroom and one by the computer. I must remember to use a MBO (most Benevolent Outcome) the next time I am looking for something that I know is on my hard drive but has illuded me.