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The Strength of Others Inspires Me Daily

My affirmagy wrap arrived this week all the way from Denise Hart aka Motivation Mama in Washington DC. Great service, the parcel arrived in under a week.

I think you know I love to win prizes and I won this when I was doing Denise’s 21 Day Motivation Workshop.

I just love this along with all the empowering affirmations. Great for keeping the vibes high and for feeling good.

Affirmawraps by  Affirmagy present these gifts superbly. It comes in a zip up plastic pouch with a card with the affirmations written out saying:

“Wrap yourself in warm, cuddly, comfort”

Then a card with A Guide to loving Yourself is included.


an a small thank you card with the words:

All we can ask in our lives is that perhaps we can make a little difference in someone else’s.- Lillian Davis

Where I live is a little warm to be wrapping myself up daily in a blanket and I am going to contact Mel from Sunrise breakfast show who has been at Whittlesea in the heart of the Victorian bushfires all week. Maybe there is a person she has met who she would give this to. Everyone who has lost family, friends, homes will need strength over the next days, weeks and months, but maybe one special person will stand out and the strength she (as it is pink!) will receive will carry over to others.

What affirmation on the wrap resonates for you?