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Law of attraction going into action to win a new the new Citrus Blog Theme from Unique Blog Designs

UBD are having a birthday and to celebrate they are sharing their 1st years success they are having the UBD 1-Year Anniversary Contest

I met Nate last year at Blog World Expo, great guy as are Josh and Matt. I was impressed with the first blog design they had done, John Chow Dot Com. Since then they have done some wonderful redesigns that you can see at their blog.

I know since a fellow personal devlopment blogger friend of mine Alex Shalman had UBD redesign his blog I have been thinking about approaching them. Alex has been glowing in his praise of them, their customer service and the follow up support he has received.

The Citrus design looks wonderful and I think it would work well here or on my Suzie Cheel site where after September 1 you will find posts that are more blogosphere related. More about that tomorrow.

I can also see it making a great site for art and photography blogs.

I decided today to put my LOA skills into action to attract one of these prizes.

I have set the intention, visualized it on a blog page and placed into my “vibrational bubble”.

It is simple to enter. By leaving a comment on the blog post about the contest you get one chance. If you write a blog post about the contest and link back to the contest post, you get five entries.

Entries close 11:59PM Sunday, August 31, 2008 PST, so even if you are here in Australia or anywhere in the world you still have 24 hours to enter.

Happy Birthday UBD