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Does what you do each day fill you with joy ?

Does it make your heart sing?

Walking on the beach each morning does make my heart sing and if you look closely you will just make out the words in the sand. I wrote this a little close the waters edge and the wave came in before I was able to take the photograph. I decided to take the photo and see what was left. I love the way the wave came up to the bottom of the letters and still left the imprint.

Here is a thought. Each of us from time to time is given a glimpse of what we do that makes our heart sing, we have the choice, to plan our lives so that we do more of that and better or to just let that glimpse go and be washed away like the message in the sand.

I was about to make a list of what else makes my heart sing, what keeps my heart filled with joy and I found it was the simple things that rose to the surface. Watching fireworks, the sun rise , the moon set, children at play, dolphins swimming, pelicans in flight, and many more. I also indicated in this Changing Your Thought Does Change Your Feelings

Will what you do today make your heart sing?