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Joy from Doreen Virtue's Daily Guidance Oracle Cards

“Joy is an emotion of happiness”

Joy is a feeling that tells me my life is on track. When I feel joyful I experience also feelings of pure love and an abundance of all that is good in the world and in my life.

Last week I was reading the Law of Attraction blog carnival that I had meant to put a post in to. The topic was Joy. I was interested to read that not one post that had been submitted was “on topic”. A subject for another discussion and a reason I no longer run a blog carnival.

Joy something that give us so many different feelings. Joy does allow us to attract what we do want into our lives.

Joy was a feeling I experienced working with Michael Losier in Vancouver last month. Joy is Michael’s highest value.

This morning I picked up this deck of cards and noticed the Joy card was on the bottom of the deck.

I thought that is what I want to feel today, I had just returned from a wonderful walk by the beach, grey, a little wet, still revitalized.

I started to shuffle and a card flew out, yes you guessed JOY. Great I thought the universe is in alignment with my words, hence my thoughts.  LOA in action.

What gives you joy?