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This morning  I drew this card when I was doing my morning angel card reading.

Yesterday I read the story Michael Phelps driven by desire to prove doubters wrong. The story started with these words : IT is strange, the moments that change history. The words that drove Michael Phelps to desire were ones that were told to him back 1n1997 by his then schoolteacher that he would :“never achieve anything in life”. From that day to this, Phelps’ life has been one long sacrifice in pursuit of the impossible.

When he was asked by the journalist  whether he ever doubts his own ability to achieve his exacting goals; that he might fail to prove his detractors wrong, Michael said”

“If you are passionate about something, you are going to get there come what may,” he says.

“People say that I have great talent, but in my opinion excellence has nothing to do with talent. It is about what you choose to believe and how determined you are to get there. The mind is more powerful than anything.”

With 2009 drawing to a close and if you are like me you are setting you desires/intentions for 2010. knowing what you really really desire gives both clarity and focus.

Are you really really clear about your desire for 2010?



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