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Saying Thank You Opens The Doors to Abundance

What am I grateful for today

I  first became conscious of the phrase “What am I grateful for today?” from Tony Robbins back 14 years ago. After attending Unleash The Power Within we took the 30 day course Unleash Your Personal Power

Recently as part of raising my vibes I set myself a daily goal of answering the question What Am I Grateful For Today? planning to record this each day for  30 days and record it as part of  recent  45 day The Boundless Living Challenge. During the first 7 days I saw from the comments that this was an inspiration for others. Some even found it uplifting.

I thought this could be a great way for others to develop their gratitude muscle and help them also on their path to becoming Divine Deliberate Attractors. This could become a quick, simple but powerful daily habit especially for someone was feeling low on vibes or who got up feeling sorry for themselves.

I headed over to Name Cheap, typed in and universe said yes, so I snapped up the domain name and this week I will launch the blog of the name.

I plan to continue recording at least five things I am grateful for each day, and encourage others to share their daily gratitude in the comments or on your own blog and track back to the daily post.

I could have stopped at day 30, then I remembered that it takes 90 days to  really create the habit muscle or in this case my  gratitude mojo.

Why is this so important?

Any Law of Attraction book or course talks about the importance of being grateful each day. You can do this as you wake up before you go to bed, I was doing it as a silent  practice, now I am recording it each day and I am becoming more aware of all the abundance I do have in my life, this make s me feel good and in turn this attracts more abundance and is helping me become more consciously a Divine Deliberate Attractor

What go you do each day to strengthen you Gratitude Mojo?

Wishing you a High Vibe Day


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