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Have you ever set a goal that you plan to achieve over the weekend, thinking you had loads of time, only to get to Sunday night and have achieved one or none?

That’s was the weekend just passed, but I am still smiling.

So there was

  • The goals
  • Then the state of overwhelm
  • Procrastination
  • Diversions- the local markets, library and shopping, reading The Attractor Factor and meditating
  • Not being at my computer~!!!!!! or on twitter????
  • The 45 day Boundless Living challenges

So there I was on Monday morning wondering what happened?

Where did the wekend go , where did the goals go?

I shared my thoughts with Des as we walked on the beach and got some clarity. I discovered I have not been clear about the direction for my blogs and I have allowed this to stop me.  Basically I have been going round and round in circles.

Animation of 3 ball cascade , also known as a Siteswap 3
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Des observed that I need to stop juggling and start staging. In other words not trying to everything about everything all at the one moment.

Staging means that I will have a plan and manage my activities. I will no longer be starting 3 things at once.

I then did the Clarity through contrast exercise to make sure that I was doing what I wanted to do.

Now to map out a plan that is actionable as well as being realistic.

What do you do when you do when you don’t meet your goals?

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