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View from Hotel Window

Not the most beautiful view from The Vancouver Sheraton, not quite a match for their image on their website, think we are on the opposite side. It’s nice, not quite 5 star.  The heath center is great , open from 5am and have had a sauna, swam 20 plus laps and a spa- great way to start the day, if you can’t walk on the beach.:)

Here are a few photos from out networking drinks last night. Just to set the scene.

Michael losier

It was fantastic, to meet people I had heard on calls and met via the forum. People are mainly here from USA and Canada. So far I have met about 30 people, no I can’t remember all the names just yet. There are  3 Aussies, a large group from Malaysia, an Indonesian, an Indian,1 from Cyprus, 1 from Norway apart from the many Canadians and prople from USA. Today I will meet many more when we start after lunch today.

This morning I am off for a bit of culture at Granville Island. Sun would nice! Looks like boots and a brolly again today.

 Until tomorrow be in abundance