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A Twitter Fest in Vegas @BWE08

How to find out what went on in Vegas is to check out the twitter #BWE08 tag.

BWE was a blast both for learning, connecting, having fun, meet,not to forget the great parties. What is really wonderful was the sense of community.

It was wonderful to spend time with new and old blogging and twitter friends.

Working backwards, a video from the last night.

Barbara Rozgoyni @wiredprworks who has a fantastic record of the sessions she attended  and Ricardo Beuno aka Reebezie, famous for his hat.

Barbara’s wonderful record of BWE is here for you

  1. State of the Blogosphere
  2. Making Money Online – Tips from Top Bloggers
  3. Social Media in the Newsroom
  4. Book Deals, Digital Assets and Corporate Sponsorships for Bloggers
  5. How Not to Use Social Media
  6. Twitter as Micro-Journalism: Breaking News in 140 Characters or Less
  7. How to Sell Direct Advertising on Blogs
  8. Search Engine Optimization for Blogs
  9. Parlaying Internet Fame into Media Attention
  10. Bloggers and PR Strategies

Dinner on the last night was a Tweetup organized by Dave Taylor @ davetaylor at The Hacienda Margarita where I sipped on a cadillac margarita along with Tawn @dinkerp2, Mari Smith, Liz Strauss, Des Walsh,Ian Fernando, Warren Whitlock, Jim Kukral, Paul Chaney, Toby BloombergLorelle, to name a few. You can see everyone at Debra Conrad’s site on a great video and find new people to follow on twitter.

Leaving BWE, Mari Smith, Barbara Rozgoyni and Moi

Last Night at BWE with Mari Smith and Barbara Rozgoyni

My BWE08 Tweets: Pictures @ Flickr and some videos @ YouTube