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Having just read my friend Carole Fogarty’s post where she acknowledges me for “the awesome support”. I felt it was time to re emerge from my “blogging silence” of the past few weeks and start regular posting again.

I have been finding that that is easier said than done. I have over the past few weeks written in my head so many posts, unfortunately thinking about blogging is not blogging.

I do have a great list of potential blog posts. There is BlogWorld where met many famous bloggers, and learnt so much new information and went to a Web 2.0 Meet Up in New York. I have an abundance of topics to write about.

I have also become the proud owner of a Macbook which should have made it easier for me to post on the road.

Apple Store that never closes.

Not that I am alone in in my lack of posting, Des has written: Confessions of a Travelling Blogger Who Blogged Too Little and Infrequently, even the best intentions went out the window while we travelling.

I haven’t even posted since I got back. That’s mainly because I contracted a virus probably from the long haul home from New York to Australia’s Gold Coast, that has had me laid low for the past week.

I am now looking for ways that will ensure that I don’t have the challenge of blog post-free travelling again. Any suggestions are welcome.