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I have just listened to Marci Shimoff’s interview with Rhonda Byrne and I have come away from listening to this with pages of notes and masses of inspiration. I related to her statement about how her life has changed sincee she wrote The Secret. Before The Secret Rhonda said that “life was happening to me” and “now life happens through me” and she feels that everything in her life up to then was leading her to this new life.

Her passion is to bring joy to the world and that is what ignites her every day. This is also what Rhonda’s intention was for this book and the movie, and she used The Secret to make The Secret. Rhonda needed to have 100% faith in the outcome and stressed the need to focus on the outcome, and she found that it was important to stop working on the HOW.

Your Thought and Feelings create your life- watch those words that don’t serve us.
We need to feel good, we must have faith, for me most importantly, we must get the feeeling of gratitude and that this needs to be heartfelt. This is when you feel love in your heart. The Secret team write 10 things they are grateful for each day before they start their day. Rhonda also says ” INTEND” you next day every night before you go to sleep. And to wake up and intend the day again before you get out of bed.

You can get The Secret Blueprint Success work sheets and the recording of the interview here. For Secret fans, Law of Attraction students I would head over and listen now. Rhonda’s Passion moved me and Janet Attwood from HealthyWealthynWise who hosted this call told a moving story of Kids in a Detention centre’s positive reaction on being shown The Secret movie.

This movie is bringing more joy to the world, I look forward to reporting on more good news stories.